15 years of Supply Chain implementations using the Theory of Constraints

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TOC Consulting and Training

Alcan Aluminum, Babcock & Wilcox, Vitro Press, Tessco Technologies

The Kendalls facilitated 4x4 strategic planning sessions with the executives of these organizations, resulting in integrated strategies addressing the constraints of the entire company. See case studies in Kendall's books Advanced Project Portfolio Management and Securing the Future.

The Kendalls facilitated a one-week application of the Theory of Constraints on the subject of Operational Stability. The result of implementing the strategy was an unprecedented 18 year agreement with the unions representing some 4300 employees, and over 1 billion dollars of investment in Quebec, Canada.

Intel, Agere Systems, Travelocity, Mars Electronics, Lockheed Martin, Wright Air Force Base, Brown and Williamson, Tessco Technologies
The Kendalls work with these organizations focused on increasing their throughput and reducing cycle time from individual and multiple projects across their organization. The effort involved significant work with the Critical Chain methodology.

B.A.T. Malaysia
The entire operations management team undertook a Project Portfolio Management workshop to improve selection and prioritization of all projects

A Large Michigan Insurance Company The Kendalls facilitated Collaboration Skills sessions (including team building and conflict resolution) with several dozen managers from the I.T. division, resulting in common skills and language across the management team. They also facilitated a strategic planning session with the VP and senior management.

Maxxim Medical, Scarborough Public Utilities, Atlantic Marine
The Kendalls delivered Jonah Programs / Securing the Future workshops teaching the TOC Thinking Processes and their application to improve these organizations

Sandia National Laboratories
The Kendalls facilitated a Root Cause Analysis workshop to the engineers involved in purchasing and vendor quality control.

Joy Athletic, Yale Ogron and Vulcan Industries
These companies implemented the Theory of Constraints Production Logistics solution. In all cases, significant cash tied up in inventory was released, and cycle time was reduced.

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