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Strategy and Tactics Workshops


Strategy and Tactics Workshop - Customize a strategy and tactics to attain the company vision. We start with templates that are proven for:
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Retail
  • Project Organizations
  • Professional Consulting

Through interviews with key managers and influencers, the templates are validated as at least somewhat fitting the organization's current situation. TOC International experts then modify the template as needed to reach a level of performance that is beyond the organization's current plan.

The Strategy and Tactics workshop then guides the entire senior management team through four well integrated layers of the strategy and tactics. Through presentations at the detailed level, participants develop a deep and common understanding of what needs to be achieved and how. Any issues raised by the group are dealt with during the workshop.

The workshop results are a full understanding of the approach for all functions and levels across the organization, combined with the buy-in and commitment to implement. At the conclusion of the workshop, the implementation teams are structured for overall steering, operations logistics, and marketing & sales leadership.

Critical Chain Project Management - Our two and three day workshops provide the knowledge to implement the single and multi-project methodology, using the Five Focusing Steps of the Theory of Constraints. In the 3 day workshop, we present the new Strategy and Tactics for implementing project environments. Facilitators with extensive implementation experience guide participants through the implementation considerations.

TOC- Critical Chain Project Management
Advanced Project Portfolio Management - Build the process and the data to send your ROI soaring on the investment in projects in your organization. The 8 step process taught in this 2-day workshop is simple to apply in any organization, big or small.

TOC- Advanced Project Portfolio Management
Winning Collaboration Management Skills - Learn how to overcome difficult conflicts, deal with empowerment issues, provide feedback in a way that gets people to listen and improve the effectiveness of teams. Put the powerful TOC Thinking Processes to work on day-to-day issues. 1, 2 and 3 day workshops are available on these topics.

Conflict Resolution
TOC Catalog of Programs - TOC International has delivered on-site and public workshops in all areas of TOC knowledge.

Implementation Services - TOC International provides full Viable Vision implementations. Specific program implementations, such as Critical Chain, Drum Buffer Rope and Distribution Replenishment are also available with experienced, successful implementers who know how to get lasting results, quickly and effectively.

DBR Production Logistics - Learn how to manage production the TOC way, in this highly interactive 2 day workshop, with computer based simulators. Participants learn how to schedule according to a Drum and use buffer management using the Drum, Buffer, Rope (DBR) framework. TOC - Production Logistics
Master the TOC Thinking Processes - Whether you are studying for certification, wanting to improve your organization, or seeking a master level expertise in these powerful tools, this 9 day plus program delivers the in-depth knowledge you will need. Complemented with mentoring days for those implementing a solution to a complex problem, this program is geared for outstanding results. TOC Thinking
The Mafia Offer - Or for those who think this terminology is too rude, let’s call it The Compelling Marketing Offer. This workshop shows you how to capture more of your prospects and convert them to sales. Learn how to identify the undesirable effects of your markets, that are the raw material for a huge competitive advantage. In three days, the workshop shows you how to develop the current reality tree of your market and turn it into an offer that is too good for most clients to refuse. TOC - Compelling Marketing
Send an email today, to request a catalog with a more detailed description of these programs or to arrange an on-site program for your organization.


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