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Constraint-Based Strategy and Tactics:
Leveraging Your Organization’s Biggest Constraint
To Drive Bottom Line Results Faster

Since 1994, TOC International has worked with thousands of participants worldwide in all aspects of Theory of Constraints (strategy and tactics, supply chain logistics, project management, sales and marketing, Human Resource development). You may recognize our client names, such as Lockheed Martin, Rio Tinto, Travelocity, Intel and many more ranging from $5 million to multi-billion dollar organizations. Both Gerald and Jacquelyn Kendall are certified Critical Chain instructors, having successfully completed the ISCEA (International Supply Chain Education Alliance) Certified Critical Chain Project Manager (IC3PM) Program.




John Zahora offers over 25 years of experience in leadership and change management.He is an expert in Multi-Project Management, Supply Chain and manufacturing logistics with extensive implementation experience. A qualified and extensively experienced Leanand Six Sigma expert, he has been a driving force in developing a useable method to integrate TOC, Lean and Six Sigma. He also is a licensed facilitator of Covey's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Principled Centered Leadership and First Things First.
John worked in industry for more than twenty years holding senior positions in production, engineering and marketing.





maxMax Krug is an analytical, experienced operational excellence professional.  He offers a track record of success in leading cross-functional teams in achieving productivity and delivery goals. With over a decade of TOC experience in Supply Chain implementations, Max has worked on improving quality, performing root cause analysis, reducing lead times, improving on-time delivery performance, reducing work-in-process inventory, error proofing processes, eliminating waste, and increasing customer satisfaction. He is a certified expert in Supply Chain and Production Logistics, with extensive background in Lean and Six Sigma.





Constraint-Based Multi-Project Management:
Leveraging Project Resources
To Complete More Projects Faster


Strategy and Tactics Tree (S&T):
This is the fastest, most effective way that we have found to drive bottom line results. Why?

  • Management agrees, as the first step in the strategy, on the amount of focus needed right now to drive results.
  • Management is aligned cross-functionally. The detailed steps (tactics) that each function must take at each level, and the intermediate results (strategy) expected, are clearly laid out. All the interdependencies are connected between functions and down levels of the organization, to provide a comprehensive answer.
  • Assumptions are stated and examined for both strategy and tactics. Every senior management team member, through any level desired, can scrutinize assumptions to prevent costly errors or to speed up the process.

Video-Three Pieces Missing from Most Strategies

Generic Strategy and Tactics Tree (S&T):

  • TOC International has designed a generic, interactive, strategy and tactics tree, to three levels.
  • This interactive PowerPoint file uses questions and generic examples to enable any organization to use it.
  • Click here to obtain a complimentary copy. The PowerPoint strategy and tactics file includes basic instructions at the end of the presentation



Click on the video for 3 dumb questions about project management that you must ask!


Viable Vision – Integrating All of TOC to Surpass Current Goals:

Toc International - Viable Vision Cover

  • The Viable Vision book provides a framework for transforming an organization. It goes hand in hand with Strategy and Tactics trees.
  • Learn how to better understand your customers and markets.
  • Once you understand the biggest leverage point (constraint) of your organization, the book develops much better understanding of the interdependencies between operations / supply chain, marketing and sales.
  • Click here to download the Viable Vision Brochure.
  • Click here to purchase a copy of the book.






Multi-Project Management






  • Kendall’s co-authored book, Advanced Project Portfolio Management, has remained a bestseller, guiding Project Management Offices, program and project portfolio managers to much better results.
  • Using a Theory of Constraints approach, the book combines strategy and tactics with Critical Chain project management, and the best PMO practices, to show how to get multiple projects done faster and more effectively.
  • Click here to purchase a copy.





Managing Partners

  • The Principals of TOC International are Jacquelyn and Gerald Kendall, with over 15 years of experience each in TOC Strategy and Tactics, Critical Chain Project Management, Drum Buffer Rope and Buffer Management, Distribution, Marketing Offers, Sales and Management Skills.
  • Both Principals are certified by the TOC International Certification Organization ( Both were trained as “Jonah’s Jonahs” by the Goldratt Institute, with over 100 days of additional, formal training in all aspects of TOC.
  • Both Gerald and Jacquelyn Kendall have worked directly with Dr. Goldratt. Gerald is the author of four books (see TOC books tab).

Millions of readers have enjoyed many of the 70+ books written about Theory of Constraints. Thousands of companies have implemented worldwide. To see a sampling of the organizations using TOC, with web site and other references, click here to download an Excel spreadsheet.





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